Sobriety Works

“They helped me have hope and understand my disease.”
- Day Treatment Graduate


“My recovery is my priority not my identity."


"My life has improved
100% since coming here."


"The counselors were excellent."


"You saved my life yesterday!"


“You saved my life today!”


Hope for the Future

Sobriety Works is a MediCal Certified California state licensed outpatient treatment center for adults 18+ experiencing substance use disorders (SUD).

Did you know that you can get help for your drug or alcohol problem and continue to work or go to school? Sobriety Works offers a uniquely designed continuum of care following SUD treatment best practices, while working with you to find the best options for your schedule and needs.


I am much more at peace with myself. I know I am not alone and it’s okay to ask for help.

My life has improved 100% since coming here.

You saved my life!

The counselors were excellent.

Sobriety Works rocks!

If it wasn’t for Sobriety Works I am scared to think about where I would be now.