Based on the 12-Step recovery model, our treatment options:

Treatment Services

All Sobriety Works programs seek to educate clients on chemical dependency, relapse, and recovery through lecture, film, writing assignments and literature. The group process aids clients to formulate solutions and internalize recovery principles. Each client is carefully assessed and works with their specific Case Manager to establish an individualized treatment plan.

All clients are required to attend 12-Step/Recovery meetings, establish a sober support system, and develop a personalized relapse prevention plan prior to program completion. Attendance at alternative recovery group sessions may be accepted in place of 12-Step meetings. Clients are regularly and randomly drug tested throughout treatment.

Additionally, clients have the option to engage in individual, couples and/or family counseling sessions. Two sessions per treatment episode are included in the cost of the program. Additional counseling sessions may be arranged.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment is for clients seeking the additional structure of daily sessions. Our Day Treatment program meets Monday-Friday, four hours per day, for six weeks (total of 30 sessions).

“They helped me have hope and understand my disease.” - Day Treatment Graduate

“I’ve heard it’s the best and now I believe it!” - Day Treatment Graduate

“I’ve always thought one-on-one didn’t work for addicts—but I have been amazed.” - Day Treatment Graduate

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Designed for clients in the work force or going to school, IOP consists of 36 chemical dependency sessions over the course of 12 weeks. Groups meet three evenings per week for three hours per session.

Relapse Prevention Treatment (RPT)

Based on the work of Terry Gorski, RPT focuses on relapse dynamics. Clients must meet the RPT placement criteria including previous treatment episodes and/or prior long term sobriety. Clients work more in-depth at identifying and developing strategies to address relapse triggers and cues. RPT consists of 36 sessions over the course of 12 weeks with groups meeting three evenings per week for three hours per session.

Women's Group

Our Women’s Group is an educational and process group designed to address the specific issues of women in recovery. This three-month group meets weekly for two hours.

After Care

Research has shown that clients continuing in After Care following completion of primary treatment have a better rate of recovery. Sobriety Works clients are encouraged to attend weekly After Care Sessions for one year. After Care meets once per week and is free to Sobriety Works alumni for life.

Alternative to Incarceration (ATI)

Our ATI clients attend treatment and live in one of our SLEs in lieu of serving jail time. Once approved by the courts, clients can get credit for time served upon successful completion of the program.

Individuals, Couples, and Family Counseling

Individual counseling sessions are available with one of our certified counselors or on-staff MFT. We offer individual, couple or family sessions. Please call for more details.

Assessment Services

Not sure if you have a chemical dependency problem? One of our clinical staff will be happy to conduct a confidential interview to determine if treatment is the right course of action for you. Please call today. 831-476-1747


Often our loved ones are so entrenched in the disease of addiction that they are unable to take the steps necessary to get help.

Interventions have proven an effective means of getting your loved one back on track. Our trained Interventionists can meet with you to develop a specific plan for bringing the people together who can best provide the love and support needed to plan and implement a successful intervention.